...this is where the stuff is...

so here are some links to more "interesting" sites:


The F-Zone - home of Fußgängerzone - Like Kraftwerk, only better

Dougal, the ginger prince lives at andrewstephen.com

Click to subscribe to Judd93

the mailing list for inmates of The Judd who escaped in 1993

Want to see a full scan of the infamous "Collier's sister" FHM article?
Click above...

Judd School website.
Run from a high-powered cluster of BBC Micros.

home of the now infamous TV Go Home

Once it was good. Now it's not so good.What does the future hold?

breasts & sarcasm

The Webtender
Booze Is Good
Find out what do do with that bottle of Green Chartreuse that's been hanging around for a while.

On-line dictionary of playground slang.

Carlton Region TV guide
Get out less.

UK Maps on-line.
Invaluable for planning pub expeditions


...but here's a photo of me in happier times, before they kicked me out for being unable to sing...

Fun Lovin' Criminals - 100% Colombian