SlimServer LastFM Plugin

The SlimServer LastFM plugin allows you to listen to the LastFM internet radio stream on your Squeezebox.

All SlimServer platforms are supported.
A account is required.

This plugin does not tell LastFM what music you're listening to ('scrobble') other than that played by LastFM itself, you will also need the SlimScrobbler plugin to do this.

For SlimServer 7.0, the two plugins have been combined into one, called SqueezeScrobbler. Go here for more information.

Download the version appropriate for your SlimServer installation:
Version Date SlimServer Version Download LastFM Download SlimScrobbler
v2.1.3 3 April 2007 v6.5+ SlimScrobbler
v1.1.9 11 August 2006 v6.3 Sourceforge
v1.1.6 18 Jan 2006 v6.1 & 6.2 Sourceforge


Place the LastFM directory contained in the zip file, along with all contents in your SlimServer plugins folder.

You may need a copy of the MD5 Perl module installed - the SlimScrobbler plugin comes with one, so that will be used if you've already installed it. Otherwise you'll need to install Digest::MD5 yourself. Windows users can download it from this link, place the contents of the zip file in C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\CPAN or the equivalent on your installation.

Using the SlimServer web interface navigate to  Server Settings/Internet Radio section.
If there is no LastFM section you may need to restart SlimServer for the plugin to be added.

If you do not have the SlimScrobbler plugin installed, enter your username and password. If you do have it installed, the logins as configured for SlimScrobbler will be used by default. (This behaviour can be changed with the 'Use SlimScrobbler login' setting). SlimScrobbler logins are entered in Server Settings/Plugins.

Further information can now be found in the SlimServer web interface. Go to the LastFM page (in the Internet Radio section) then select the Help link.

Change History
2.1.3Fix web interface bug from 2.1.1 for discovery mode
2.1.2Fix bug with stations containing regexp meta characters
2.1.1Web interface bug fixes
2.1.0 Add similar artists radio search to web interface
2.0.3 Fix similar artists nickname bug
2.0.2 Handle starting from saved stations
2.0.1 ?
2.0 Custom protocol handler added
1.13.1 Fishbone on ie improvements (still not completely fixed)
1.13.0 Show warnings if no LastFM login configured
1.12.4 Support SlimServer 7
1.12.3 Fix info display bug introduced in previous version
1.12.2 Fix player menu positioning in Transporter
Tweak 2nd screen display layout
1.12.1 Fix screensaver exit bug from 1.12.0
Fix some warnings in web pages
1.12.0 Online help added
Tidied up setup options
Added auto-nickname for more stations
Fixed station selection from player menus
Fixed web templates (delete old LastFM/HTML/Nokia770 & Handheld directories)
1.11.4 Fixed detection of SlimScrobbler installation
1.11.3 remove "lastfm://" from text box entered stations
1.11.2 Fix text box in ie
Improve layout in Nokia770/Handheld with dedicated skins
Remove duplicates from station list
Use 'similar artists' nickname/string everywhere
1.11.1 Changes to Transporter display API
1.11.0 Transporter: support for knob control & 2nd screen
Use nicknames in auto-generated station names
More setup bugs fixed.
1.10.6 Fixed some bugs in the setup page
1.10.5 Fixed below properly!
1.10.4 Fixed crashing bug on showBriefly usage
1.10.3 Bug fixes
1.10.2 Added 'recommendation' station to defaults
1.10.1 streamlined changes from previous version
1.10.0 Add custom lastfm: handler to SlimServer to avoid initial scan of stream
1.9.1 Fix track title display in plugin menu
1.9.0 Changes for SlimServer 6.5 compatibility
1.8.5 fix bug crashing SlimServer when LastFM connection fails
1.8.4 Only notify SlimScrobbler of *new* track
Clean up various log messages
Correct passing of $client to SlimScrobbler on password lookup
1.8.3 Append station options to nickname as well as address
1.8.2 Fix lookup of accounts in SlimScrobbler
1.8.1 Add station sub-types to nickname
1.8 Moved LastFM plugin to SlimScrobbler sourceforge project
1.2.4 Display only station alias where supplied.
Tidied up web pages for handheld,nokia770,fishbone,default
1.2.3 Fix for new SlimScrobbler structure
1.2.2 Now working with stream-only players
1.2.1 Fix web pages
1.2.0 Changes for SlimServer 6.5 compatibility
1.1.9 Fix text box in ie
1.1.8 Added 'recommendation' station to defaults
1.1.7 Fixes for SlimServer 6.3
- Pre-SlimServer 6.5 release is maintenance only from now on - no new features
1.1.6 saved stations can be 'commented' by prefixing them with text terminated with a semi-colon. eg "test station;users/test"
1.1.5 fix regexp used to tidy saved station addresses
1.1.4 discovery mode/personal radio incompatible
1.1.3 fix player menus, add track info menu
add station/stationfeed buttons in web interface
1.1.2 treat discovery mode like record-to-profile
remove warning on negative elapsed time
1.1.1 fix discovery mode in web page
1.1 option of choosing station on startup
manage station list from web page
generate similar artist station automatically
tidy web page logic
switch to prod lastfm server
add record-to-profile command etc.
add discovery mode station for subscribers
1.0.4 changes to web page
fix prefs order
1.0.3 added spanish translation courtesy of Nestor Spedalieri
on screen display of warning status
1.0.2 allow restart of LastFM stream from player menu when  update fails or track overrun detected
1.0.1 fixed bug in subscriber-only menu
1.0.0 fixed bug causing timer to stop on failed LastFM updates
jump player to LastFM mode on playback from web
proper status tracking
0.9.1 Option to use logins from SlimScrobbler plugin and hence multi-account support.
Log in to LastFM every time playback is started from plugin
Tweaks to web page layout


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